DATE            BAND                                             CITY                              VENUE

10-12-17      Rempis/Reid/Abrams                      Chicago, IL                    Hyde Park Arts Incubator
10-15-17      Rempis/Shevitz/Kessler/Ostvang   Chicago, IL                    Hungry Brain
10-16-17      Rempis/Daisy Duo                           Chicago, IL                    Elastic Arts
10-22-17      Rempis Solo (w/Talibam! & more)   Chicago, IL                    Elastic Arts
10-25-17      w/Adam Shead Trio                        Chicago, IL                    Slate Arts
10-26-17      Rempis/Piet/Daisy                           Chicago, IL                    Elastic Arts
10-29-17      NRG Ensemble                                 Chicago, IL                   Hungry Brain
11-05-17      Rempis/Harnik Duo                          Graz, AU                      Kunsthaltstelle Streckhammerhaus
11-06-17      Guest at Celeste Session                  Vienna, AU                    Celeste
11-09-17      Dave Rempis Solo                            Munich, DE                    Halle 6
11-10-17      From Wolves To Whales                  Schorndorf, DE              Club Manufaktur
11-12-17      From Wolves To Whales                  Amsterdam, NL              De Ruimte
11-13-17      From Wolves To Whales                  Trondheim, NO             Fri From @ Dokkhuset
11-14-17      From Wolves To Whales                  Haarlem, NL                 Pletterij
11-15-17      From Wolves To Whales                  Antwerp, BE                  Sound In Motion @ Het Bos
11-16-17      From Wolves To Whales                  Vienna, AU                    Martinschlossl
11-17-17      From Wolves To Whales                  St Johan in Tirol, AU      Music Kultur St. Johan
11-18-17      Rempis/Wooley/Niggenkemper     Weikersheim, DE          Club W71
11-23-17      Rempis Solo & Duo w/DD Kern        Vienna, AU                  Miles Smiles
11-25-17      Guest w/Georges Paul Band           Bonn, DE                      Kult41
11-26-17      Guest w/Georges Paul Band           Bonn, DE                      Kult41
11-27-17      Rempis/Rosaly Duo                          Paris, FR                       La Dynamo
11-29-17      Rempis/Rosaly Duo                          Lucerne, CH                Mullbau
11-30-17      Rempis/Rosaly Duo                          Dortmund, DE              Evinger Schloss  
12-03-17      Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly           Amsterdam, NL            De Ruimte
12-13-17      Dan Phillips Group                           Chicago, IL                  Cafe Mustache
12-14-17      Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker            Chicago, IL                  Elastic Arts
12-17-17      Rempis Solo & The Few                    Chicago, IL                  May Chapel @ Rosehill Cemetary
                      record release party for Lattice on Aerophonic Records!!!
12-22/17     Holiday Homecoming                      Cambridge, MA           The Lily Pad
    w/Taylor Ho Bynum, Jeb Bishop, Tomas Fujiwara, Forbes Graham, Luther Gray, Mary Halvorson, Pandelis Karayorgis & Nate McBride!!!