DATE            BAND                                             CITY                              VENUE

08/08/18   Rempis/Abrams/Hall                         Chicago, IL                Jazz Record Art Collective
                      performing Albert Ayler's Spiritual Unity
08/13/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Beaumont, TX             House concert
08/14/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              San Antonio, TX          Ventura
08/15/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Dallas, TX                   The Texas Theater
08/16/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Austin, TX                   Sonic Transmissions @ Sahara Lounge
08/20/18   Rempis/Williams Duo                        Chicago, IL                 Elastic Arts      
08/20/18   Rempis/Williams/Lux/Damon            Chicago, IL                 Elastic Arts
08/22/18   Rempis/Hatcher/Kessler/Harris        Chicago, IL                 Slate Arts
08/23/18   Paul Giallorenzo's GitGO Octet        Chicago, IL                 Elastic Arts
08/24/18   Paul Giallorenzo's GitGO Octet        Milwaukee, WI           Sugar Maple
08/30/18   Håvard Wiik Big Band                       Chicago, IL                 Elastic Arts
09/10/18   Rempis/Sam Pluta/Max Johnson       Chicago, IL                 Option @ ESS
09/13/18   Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker               Chicago, IL                Elastic Arts
09/23/18   Rempis/Reid/Abrams                         Chicago, IL                The Hungry Brain
                        record release party for Ithra on Aerophonic Records!!
10/04/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Asheville, NC            The Mothlight
10/05/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Columbia, SC            If Art Gallery
10/06/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Raleigh, NC              Neptune’s Parlour
10/07/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Philadelphia, PA        October Revolution in Jazz
10/08/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Kingston, NY             Tubby's
10/09/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Montreal, QC            Casa Del Popolo
10/10/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              TBA                            TBA
10/11/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Cleveland, OH          Bop Stop
10/12/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Detroit, MI                 Trinosophes
10/13/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Chicago, IL                Elastic Arts
10/14/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Milwaukee, WI          The Sugar Maple
10/15/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Carbondale, IL           University of Illinois
10/16/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Lexington, KY             Outside the Spotlight
10/17/18   Kuzu (Rempis/Dorji/Damon)              Bloomington, IN         Blockhouse Bar
10/19/18   Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker               Ann Arbor, MI           Edgefest 
11/6/18     Gilgore/Rempis/Clinkman/Sudderberg  Chicago, IL          Ratchet Series
11/09/18   Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker               Wels, AU                  Music Unlimited Festival
11/??/18    Dave Rempis Solo                              Graz, AU                   House Concert - email for details
11/15/18   Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly              Vienna, AU                Blue Tomato
11/16/18   Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly              Cologne, DE             Jazz Loft
11/17/18   Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly              Paris, FR                    Le Zorba
11/18/18   Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly              Lille, FR                     La Malterie
11/19/18   Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly              Utrecht, NL               Tivoli Vredenburg
11/20/18   Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly             Amsterdam, NL         TBA
11/21/18   Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly             Rotterdam, NL           TBA
11/22/18   Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly             Haarlem, NL             Pletterij
12/01/18   Rempis/Maunu/Sudderberg             Chicago, IL               Orotund Music